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Adult vacation – Study recommends 10 days

adult vacation

Adult Vacation – clothing optional Caribbean all inclusive

All of us look forward to adults only vacations–it’s the perfect time to escape the office, see new sights and explore inhibitions. Most of us limit ourselves when planning a adult vacation for men or women, keeping it to an extended weekend or five to seven days tops, but there’s several reasons why a 10-day adult vacation should be the holy grail of every a dream getaway. Here’s a reason for every day you’re away:

1. True relaxation takes time, and 10 days gives you plenty of space.

Even after you’ve hit the road or boarded the flight to paradise, your mind is probably still slightly in work mode. Let’s be honest, we all have our home and work responsibilities in the back of our mind when we initially leave home, and when vacations only last a few days, that means we always have serious stuff floating around the back of our heads. A ten day adult vacation allows those initial few days of mental fog to wear off, so you can fully enjoy your holiday with no worries on your mind. After about three or four days you’ll truly let go and that’s when the real fun and relaxation of your adult vacation destination sets in, meaning you’re actually getting some rest and mental relief.

2. You don’t spend your erotic vacation traveling.

Regardless of your mode of transportation (driving, flying, train or otherwise) it takes time to get to paradise and to return home. Even if you’re staying fairly close to home, the days you travel are disrupted by packing, arriving at your sex tourism location and checking in or out of your escort resort. If you’re staying somewhere 5 or 7 days that’s over a third of your time, but getting away for 10 days means traveling time is just a speck in your vacay.

3. More days=More stops.

If you have more days to fill that road trip doesn’t have to be so rushed. Take your time and stop along the way: see a historic site, drop in on family or snap selfies in front of that beautiful coastline you heard about on the way to Point B. Your swinger or singles vacation can span great distances and you can add more activities to your agenda–or leave room for spontaneity when you take a longer sex holiday.

4. It’s impossible to still send work emails when you’re MIA for almost two weeks.

If you’re away for a few work days, you most likely still respond to emails or voice messages. Work, especially in a demanding profession, never really ends for your mentally, not with technology making remote work so easy to accomplish. The best way to avoid this is by taking 10 days off. When you’re absence spans across two work weeks, you have to delegate tasks to coworkers or arrange to handle things when you return. That means setting out-of-office messages and unplugging from work. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

5. Budgeting is unavoidable, so you’re more prepared.

Taking more time off means more planning for the financial aspect of your adult vacation. On shorter vacations you can grab a portion of savings or throw a few essential components on your credit card. Longer stays require you to actually buckle down and plan dates and finances with more precision, which is a good practice to take on whether you’re away for two days or ten.

6. You can create memories with intention or catch up on good sex.

Adult vacations should be times for your to enjoy yourself and not feel pressured to do a bunch of things on a checklist or find yourself pressured for time. It’s important to take in all the beauty of your surroundings and just enjoy where you are. With a longer sex vacation you can actually take the time to choose activities that fit your interests and stay mindful so your memories last a lifetime. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up on sex or explore fantasies you’ve been meaning to get to.

7. The adult resort has its own routine and flow.

What’s great about a 10-day adult holiday is you have the opportunity to create a routine unique to that sex vacation and that place. You can go to the gym in the mornings, take a run on the beach at sunset, hit the pool every day or maybe choose a different companion to explore each morning. Each adults only vacation is different and will lend itself to its own ebb and flow. Having more time to create the spirit of your 5 star all inclusive resort is great for this, versus a more rushed nude vacation that resembles all your other trips.

8. Your all inclusive vacation won’t feel short.

As you sip on a cold drink and turn the pages of your new books you’ll see weekenders packing up and heading home, lamenting how quickly your singles vacation flew by. This might seem obvious but shorter adult getaways feel even shorter once you get busy sightseeing. 10-day vacations allow you to breathe and not feel like you arrived yesterday that day you’re leaving. You’ll also have less people to battle against for space in the pool, that great restaurant downtown or any other popular spot because you’ve stayed long past the average traveler.

9. No more travel hangovers.

While short vacations may feel too short, sometimes those weeklong vacations can give you a bad sense of the hangovers once you return, and you’ll find yourself sitting at your desk wishing you were still at the beach or in the mountains. However, at the end of a adult island vacation, you’ll be well rested and refreshed, ready to return to your work and home life. You’re over the restaurant life, hotel beds, sleeping in, amusement parks, and tan lines. You’re also probably ready for a stricter routine and less spending, this is the best time to have no regrets about missing anything on escort vacation, but also feeling ready to appreciate your daily life again. Ten days are the perfect balance to avoid that hangover.

10. Ten days make you 10x better

By avoiding the disappointment of a shorter vacation spots and soaking in the best that your chosen adult vacation packages has to offer, you’ll come back more relaxed, refreshed, happier and fulfilled. The rest and memories you’ve accumulated will make you a better worker, spouse, parent, friend and overall person. If you’re thinking about extending that next trip, take our word for it and book your room a bit longer. Your physical, mental and emotional health will thank you for it.

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