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Curfews Lifted & Crypto Payments Improved

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Curfews Lifted & Bitcoin Payments

Curfews have officially been lifted

We are happy to report; the Dominican government has officially lifted curfews in the Punta Cana area due to the fact that 70% of the population in the province of “La Altagracia” have been vaccinated against covid-19.

You may now travel freely and enjoy the nightlife without having to worry about lockdowns.

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Bitcoin & Altcoin Payment Process Imrpoved

The Peoples Money!

We are ecstatic to see how well Bitcoin has performed, our

article written in 2017 has aged very well, I recommend all to read it.

Lately more and more vacations and membership are being paid with bitcoin and other cryptos, However , our payment process was not doing justice to this new revolutionary payment method. In order to fix that we have implemented a seamless Crypto Currency payment experience. Now, when you check out and select bitcoin as payment method you will be able to select Bitcoin, Stablecoins and other Altcoins. The automated system will no longer require you to send proof of payment screenshot.

Come to Paradise!, What are you waiting for?



$115 / 3 months

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