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Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma had us all worried, however now that it has passed I am glad to report we were unaffected. It is also important to report this hurricane is not as wide as they claim it is, As the hurricane approached we knew it had veered off to the right and would only graze us, in spite of that, even if this thing was not going to be a direct hit, it would still create a disastrous situation.There really was no good news (if the news was accurate) and this hurricane was really 400 miles wide as reported by most news stations (NY Post to name just one) . Fortunately, to our surprise it turns out this information has to be false. It honestly felt like a tropical storm if that.

To summarize, there is no need to reschedule your vacations, you may encounter a lot of seaweed on the beach, I will be surprised if you do as the clean up crews are already clearing that out. Also keep in mind we have a “hassle free rescheduling” policy just in case anything else does come up.


Punta Cana 5 Day Forecast:


The Hurricane Jose Situation:

Hurricane Jose is not projected to hit us according to the weather channel:

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