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Dr.Nights Live stands out as the foremost adult vacation resort destination in the Dominican Republic.

We provide unmatched, innovative, most unbelievable services to ensure our esteemed guests indulge in the ultimate fantasy vacation experience.

Can you envision entering a country where the majority of women lean towards dating American, Canadian, or European men?

Step into the amazing Dominican Republic.

Our company connects hot Dominican women with successful foreign men. We personally introduce you to the most beautiful and attractive women in the Dominican Republic. Our girls are not 'working' girls; they are mostly regular college students looking to have a good time and meet some wealthy "gringos" like you.

Too good to be true, right? Read our reviews.


We've devised a clever strategy to link these gorgeous Dominican women with prosperous foreign gentlemen. Think of us as a dating agency but with introductions to women who are never known to refuse!


And, they remain with you 24/7 in the privacy of your own villa, complete with a swimming pool for added relaxation..


We've introduced a fresh approach to sex vacations, blending excitement, fun, safety, romance, and above all, legality, into the dating experience.


Our beauties are not sex workers. We refrain from paying them and request your compliance with our stringent no-cash exchange policy. ​


Your Sex Resort is more about experiencing 'girlfriend' sex, not just transactional encounters like with a typical 'prostitute' sex vacation.


When you join our Dr.Nights, prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime.


Meet stunning, alluring, and sexy women eagerly awaiting your company to have fun and party. Revel in luxury at your private villa, complete with a refreshing swimming pool. Indulge in intimate dinners with you girls and create unforgettable romantic moments with each beautiful and amazing companion. 


If you seek a sex vacation experience unlike any other, then look no further – we are the ideal choice for you.


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