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RE: Trip Experience My DR Dr.Nights - April 18-22, 2024.

If you are seeking the most ever relaxing vacation in the Dominican Republic with some beautiful companions, look no more further than Dr. Nights.


I recently got back from Puerto Plata and here is my review.


Stepping off the plane in Dominican Republic, I had no idea what to expect. The line at POP was bustling, but it moved swiftly. Once I grabbed my bag, I made my way outside, where my driver was waiting for me right by the gate, just as instructed beforehand. ​


The DR is like certain parts of Thailand. It’s a beautiful island and only an hour and a half from Miami. The vibrant culture, lush landscapes, and inviting beaches.


With over 100 villas, each like private homes with swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, it felt like a paradise. People from all over the world added to the vibrant atmosphere, making it a truly global experience.


I mainly met a lot of Americans and Canadians, with plenty of Germans as well. The beaches in Sosúa and Cabarete were bustling with tourists, and I stumbled upon a vibrant expat community. These were the two main beaches in the area. I highly recommend trying out a restaurant called the Waterfront.


Throughout my week-long stay, I never once experienced a dull moment, and in hindsight, I wished I had extended my trip.


Upon arriving at the resort, I checked in at reception, my villa had it all—a pool, an upper deck, and even a hot tub. It was truly luxurious.


Here is a photo.




















You make your reservation through WhatsApp, where you text them your flight itinerary, send a deposit as asked, and then they book your villa. Shortly after, they send you pictures and videos of almost 50 girls to choose from.


It does sound great, but to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming with so many choices and so many pretty girls to choose from (trust me, you'll see). I had around 45 girls to choose from, and it was a lot to take in. I chose the beautiful girl they select for me.


I told them my preferences and my expectations, and looking back, I think that might have been the best decision I made since booking this vacation.


Opting for the platinum package, I had initially planned on changing girls daily, as advertised in their packages. So, I could have been with 14 different girls in 7 days.


I ended up only meeting 6 girls the entire week. (haha)


The girls were excellent! Very attractive, incredibly attentive, and knew exactly how to adapt—wild when you wanted them to be and relaxed during downtime. The descriptions of the GFE on their site were accurate.


I reached out to them via WhatsApp, and that's when my journey truly began. What stood out was they also sent erotic videos of their girls for free, unlike other sex resorts I had contacted in Punta Cana, which either required a subscription or charged $100 to see their girls.


My understanding was that I could change girls daily. Honestly, I was nervous about meeting their girls. What if they weren't as described? So many things could go wrong in a week, but I figured, "What the hay, worst case scenario, I'll switch them out." With a beach, my own pool, and a chef at my disposal, I knew I'd be fine.


Their girls were great! They weren't your typical Dominican escorts or pay-to-play girls. You could tell they were genuine, definitely not professionals. It was amusing to hear them talk to their moms on the phone (to be honest who were hot too, haha). That's probably why they have such a diverse selection of girls to choose from. They have an amazing network of women, and when you arrive, you'll likely meet even more girls than you expected.


I was surprised and didn't feel the need to change. Besides, on my third day, two sisters showed up. Well, they weren't twins, but they were practically identical. That was a unique experience I couldn't pass up. I calculated my odds of being with twin sisters again in my life and had to laugh about it. (Haha).


It felt surreal—these girls were fighting over me! We spent our time together watching movies, enjoying romantic dinners, giving each other massages, and whenever I was ready, I simply picked one or both to spend the evening with. It was an unique experience.


Think about stuck in a beautiful house, in a tropical climate, with unlimited food, booze, a jacuzzi, and two sexy half-naked girls who will never say no to you? Can’t ever say no to that.


I had know idea that this place is even real, let alone an hour from Miami.


I read the reviews on their website but didn't believe them. I thought it had to be a scam. How could something like this exist in real? It sounded too good to be true! It wasn't until I called and spoke to the owner, Peter, that I was finally convinced otherwise.


At First, I was not buying it at all. Peter convinced by sending me videos and offering a satisfaction guarantee. That really sealed the deal for me.


Yes, you heard that right. He gave me a satisfaction guarantee on a sex vacation! Can you believe it?


Who thinks that? What if it rained? The other hotels in here don’t do that.


What would happen if it rains, and he said, it probably will, but assured me that I would still have a great time.


Perfect reply!


Couldn’t believe it at booking of mine, but now I get it— the customer satisfaction and trust building.


It’s impossible to have a bad vacation with them, and Peter knows it. All he cares about is ensuring you have a good vacation so you'll want to come back.


He was extremely professional, responding to messages promptly and always available to take my calls (of which there were so many). Peter planned all my activities, putting my nervous mind at ease, and was an absolute delight. He helped me choose the girls (thanks for all the good tips) and put this whole thing together for me seamlessly.


I wish I would've known about Dr. Nights sooner. It worked like therapy for me.


Not to spoil your imagination, I won’t go into the specifics of all my activities during the trip, but let’s just say, if you’re looking for an extravagant sex vacation with some beautiful young women or simply need a few days just to relax and rejuvenate, this is the place for you. You can expect to spend a fantastic week with a few beautiful, twenty-something, model-type women who love to dance.


​While writing, I can see myself booking a flight already.


I hope this is alright. I thought about mentioning some of the adult activities and the Viagra incident (haha), but decided against it.


Thanks again Peter, you have found lost smiles to this recently divorced guy's face.


I will experience the VIP package for 6 days next time.  Will hit the gym for sure! Lol...


Ronald Vic

(The Platinum Package)

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