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Dominican Replublic - Sex Retreat Reviews

Just got back from perhaps the most incredible experience that I ever had in my life. Working six days a week leaves little downtime for relaxation, and I rarely take vacations. Last Thursday, I decided to throw caution to the wind and seek some much needed sun and fun. I started searching for exclusive places where I would not have to worry about transportation, food, or beautiful female company... Boy, did I hit the big jackpot.

I made arrangements and departed early on Friday morning. Upon landing in Puerto Plata around 1:30, I was welcomed by a chauffeur named Lee, offering valuable recommendations on places to visit. After a brief 20-minute ride, I reached the villa and was greeted by three hostesses, Angela, Kayla, and Anna. As I stepped inside, the chef had already prepared a delicious lunch, adding to the warm welcome.

The villa boasted a pool and hot tub, details I'll delve into shortly. Following lunch, I went to the beach, so Lee kindly escorted the beautiful girls and me to Cabarete beach. The water was stunning, and the area boasted fantastic bars and attractions. Little did I know, it's one of the largest kite surfing destinations globally, which I loved. We savored drinks and relaxed for a few hours, making it a memorable day. Little did I realize, the night ahead held even more excitement, although I was yet unaware of what awaited me.

We returned to the villa around 6:30, where the girls set the mood with music and changed into swimsuits. As we settled into the hot tub, the staff ensured our glasses were always full, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Suddenly, the energy shifted, and before I knew it, the girls had shed their tops, and we were all caught up in the moment, kissing passionately. As a novice traveler, I had no idea such adventures awaited me. It felt like a scene from a movie...


Meanwhile, the chef quietly worked on preparing delicious dinner, adding more to the surreal ambiance. This extraordinary experience continued for some time, completely blowing my mind. After eventually leaving the hot tub to dry off, we found these amazing shrimp tacos awaiting us on the table, once again delighting our taste buds.
Its pushing about 10pm by the time we finished eating.....the night was far from being over....the girls started dancing and oh my can they dance.....which led to round 2....


We didn’t leave any corner of that exciting!!!

Day two surpassed all expectations. The hours flew by in a blur of enjoyment, leaving me with only one regret—I didn't

extend my stay.

I highly recommend Dr.Nights Vacation. Great service and a totally all about what you want experience.......
Call them!




(The VIP Package)


Peter, I can't thank you enough. Our vacation was beyond amazing! The villa was more than stunning, the staff kind, and the girls outstanding. And the chef? Absolutely incredible!

The pool party turned out to be crazy! Skinny dipping with the girls added an extra thrill. Your thoughtful upgrade made it all the more unforgettable. Your dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets your DR operation apart.
Feel free to share my WhatsApp number for references. I'm happy to help those on the fence, just as I was.
I'll be sure to sing praises for Peter and the one and only Dr.Nights, especially for newly divorced guys like myself. It has been the perfect remedy post-divorce. Thank you so much! And, borrowing from the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back!"



Tom, St Louis
(The Platinum Package)


I will simply start up by saying you all “Just Do It!”.  


A buddy of mine and I were itching to escape the cold of NY/NJ for a few days, soak up some sun, have a tons of delicious food and enjoy the company of beautiful women. After doing some online research, the Dominican Republic seemed promising. Then I stumbled upon the amazing Dr. Nights—it seemed almost too good to be true.


Dialing the number listed on the Dr. Nights website, Peter answered immediately. Skeptical, I hesitated on what to ask. After a brief conversation, Peter provided a comprehensive overview of what to expect. Ending the call, I felt intrigued yet uncertain, prompting me to consult with my friend before making any decisions. Peter's prompt response and thorough explanation left me cautiously optimistic about the potential of Dr. Nights.

I was certain it was some type of a scam. I tried looking up Dr.Nightss all over the internet to see if I could find some type of review other than what was listed on the PV website, which I genuinely thought were all written by Peter himself to be honest…lol... Now, it all makes sense.

After several additional discussions and phone calls with Peter, I made the decision to go all out and book our flights. Gradually, I began feeling more at ease with the whole process, especially as Peter started suggesting specific details to enhance our vacation experience. What truly sparked my excitement was the conference call my friend and I had with


Peter a week before our trip...

Peter got into so many particulars about what type of girls we each wanted, since we both had two girls each for 3 nights, down to body style preferences, and favorite positions etc. etc. etc.  

Next, our discussion shifted towards culinary preferences for our chef, encompassing everything from breakfast to snacks, our choices for beverages, including alcohol. I must confess, by the time we wrapped up the call, my excitement levels were soaring at a staggering 110%.

Upon landing, our worries dissipated the moment we stepped out of the airport and were greeted by our driver. I recognized him instantly, thanks to Peter's attention to detail—he had emailed me a photo of the driver along with precise descriptions of his attire, including his shirt color. With a nice welcoming smile, he swiftly took charge of our luggage and handed us ice-cold beers before whisking us away to our destination.

As we entered the gated community, we arrived at a stunning and secluded villa where Peter awaited us outside. His familiar voice confirmed his presence, and the excitement surged as soon as we set foot inside. Welcomed by our personal chef and bartender with champagne, my jaw dropped at the sight of four elegantly dressed chicks standing before us. They embraced us warmly, showering us with hugs and kisses, exuding a vibe that made us feel like absolute royalty, ready to indulge us as if we were kings for the duration of our stay.

The chicks we selected the week prior were even more stunning in person—OMG! Their eagerness to please was unmatched; they did everything to cater to our every whim. Trust me, you won't find more beautiful girls, willing to go the extra mile for your satisfaction. Their genuine happiness to be in our company was palpable.


We mentioned Peter the idea of having a fun beach day with all the girls and perhaps hitting a dance club with them one night. Peter assured us that our driver would be at our disposal, ready to take us wherever and whenever our hearts desired. 

We didn't leave the villa for a single moment during our stay. Peter had taken care of everything. The villa has stunning pool and incredible outdoor kitchen where the girls had a blast dancing on the bar, lounging by the poolside, and joining us for poolside fun. With everything we could possibly desire right at our fingertips, there was simply no need to venture beyond the villa's luxurious confines.


Our chef kept the kitchen bustling with fresh delicacies around the clock. Name-brand liquors flowed endlessly, ensuring our glasses were never empty, thanks to the attentive staff and chicas. We savored fresh, locally caught fish, mouthwatering tacos, and delectable ribs that left us simply speechless. In between meals, they delighted us with platters of fresh fruit, cheese plates, and antipasto. Even when my buddy made the request for DR.NIGHTS&J sandwiches which not a very usual thing to ask in DR, they delivered with impeccable service—the next day, precisely as requested, crusts removed and all. It was truly a remarkable experience!

The girls were undeniably the focal point, and Peter ensured they were the stars of the show. The atmosphere was reminiscent of what Hugh Hefner must have experienced—a sense of luxury, indulgence, and ultimate satisfaction. I requested one with a juicy DR butt and another who was a spinner, and Peter absolutely nailed it! These girls are experts at what they do, and I can attest that they provided me with some of the most unforgettable moments of my life. Believe me when I say, they truly understand how to bring immense happiness to a man. Dr.Nights is the best. 

I couldn't have asked for anything more except to return ASAP. And, don't miss the nightly "contest" the girls put on for you. Their dance moves are incredibly sexy; they could easily grace the stages of clubs in NYC or Vegas without missing a beat!

Last day, I found myself filled with contentment yet saddened by the thought of bidding farewell to the girls, the staff, and, of course, Peter, who epitomizes larger-than-life hospitality. Throughout the entire experience, Peter personally ensured that everything exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail and commitment to ensuring my utmost satisfaction made for an unforgettable journey.

I can't express enough gratitude to Peter, and I am already plotting our next adventure for our birthdays in February—Peter's already on notice! This time, I'll be bringing along a few more friends, as they absolutely have to experience this. Without a doubt, this ranks among my top trips ever, and the memories will stay with me for a lifetime. As I initially said, "Just do it!"

Thanks Peter, can’t wait for February!



Buddy California - NY

(The Platinum Package)


What an outstanding vacation! I'm not one to typically write reviews, but Peter and his team deserve every accolade. Dr.Nights is the real deal, and all the glowing reviews on their website are spot on. Peter meticulously plans every aspect of your vacation beforehand, and it's exactly as advertised. His knack for hospitality is evident; he must have a background in the industry because he can handle any situation with ease. Despite being based in Canada, Peter called me daily to ensure I was enjoying myself and everything was going smoothly. His passion for his job is palpable, and his ultimate goal is to ensure every guest leaves with a smile.


(The Platinum Package)


My best friend and I grew weary of the rising costs at strip clubs, so we decided to explore something—sex vacations.


After hearing about it from a friend, I did some research and reached out to the one and only Dr.Nights. Their website stood out as the best, and to top it off, I was contacted by Peter. We settled on the Platinum Package, and as an American, Peter's bilingualism was reassuring; he spoke English fluently. After our call, Peter guided us on making the deposit and advised us to proceed with booking our flights.

A week Before, Peter sent my us a list of girls to choose from, allowing us to select our top choices. He also provided a photo of our driver and the person we should meet at customs for an expedited line—definitely worth it! Peter did an excellent job of ensuring our comfort; as soon as we got into the car, he called the driver to confirm that we were with the right person.


When entered, our villa stood exactly as advertised—a stark contrast to other websites where you're typically confined to resorts with other guests. Not with Dr.Nights. We were delighted to find ourselves in a spacious 4-bedroom villa, exclusively for our use. Peter welcomed us at the door, and inside, we met our chefs and the stunning girls we had selected from our top choices. The food was delicious, especially if you're open to experiencing different cultural cuisines prepared by chefs. After, it was nonstop dancing and pool parties, interspersed with fulfilling our sexual fantasies with two beautiful women of our choosing.

During our stay, Peter was incredibly accommodating, consistently checking on us to ensure we felt like VIPs. The Dominican women were stunning and thoroughly enjoyed partying with us. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, I highly recommend the sex show in your first night. 

My buddy and I enjoyed it so much that we returned just a month later and had an even better time than before! The staff remembered us and went out of their way to make us feel incredibly extra special. We're eagerly anticipating our next visit and plan to bring along more friends to party.

Jonathan, NYC
(The Platinum Package)


Peter is like Mr. Roark from "Fantasy Island," and Dr.Nights is the real life version with an fun adult twist. It's where fantasies come alive, and Peter ensures every guest feels special.


I had some wild sexual fantasies and heard about Dr.Nights the ultimate Dominican sex vacations through a friend of a friend. Though skeptical, I had to take a chance. After researching, I found Dr.Nights to be more cheaper than other sex resorts in the Dominican Republic.  I was very happy with the fact that they accepted PayPal which was convenient for me.

In my 50s and on a budget, I turned to Peter for help in choosing the right package for me. Despite some hesitation about spending Christmas Day alone in the Dominican Republic with some unknown escorts, Peter made me feel very comfortable. I’m glad that I was brave and took the chance.

Discovering Dr.Nights online, I dialed the number and was greeted by Peter, who instantly won me over. The reviews on his site? Completely accurate. He's not only hilarious but refreshingly direct—no nonsense. Plus, with his background as a dating coach, he's incredibly easy to chat with. In Peter, I found not just a vacation planner, but a trusted advisor who made the entire process easy and enjoyable.


Immediately after hanging up with Peter, I booked my flights as soon as possible and sent Peter a deposit. The process is very simple: just purchase your flights, forward the itinerary, pay the deposit, and then receive a virtual lineup of sizzling girls to choose from.


Opting for the platinum package, complete with a complimentary pool party, I was matched with some fantastic girls who made my Christmas unforgettable. While I'm not one to usually write reviews, I couldn't resist sharing my experience with Dr.Nights.


Arriving at POP, I encountered immigration line with around 100 people. Fortunately, armed with international internet, I texted Peter upon landing. Despite being in Canada, he somehow managed to expedite my passage through the line. How he did it remains a mystery to me, but I'm incredibly grateful to him.


Peter's surprises are just the beginning of the magic. He loves to astonish you, and they're always pleasant surprises. Case in point: I was expecting two girls in my package, but upon arrival, Peter apologized, saying he "messed up" and there were actually three girls waiting at the villa. Initially skeptical, I couldn't believe my luck when I met the amazing Chikas. Not only were all three girls stunning, but they were also from my pre-selected list of 43 girls from the website.


Needless to say, they exceeded expectations in every way a man can imagine. With a vast selection of girls to choose from, Peter's guidance is invaluable—he knows each girl personally, making the selection process much easier. Trust me, it can be overwhelming with so many options available. With Peter's expertise and the array of options available, you're guaranteed to find the perfect companions for an unforgettable experience.


From the staff to the chef, Julio, everything was flawless. The chef has exceptional skills and constant smile added to the overall enjoyment even more—couldn’t have asked for more. It was worth every penny.

My only minor issues were with the hot water and occasional electricity outages, but given my frequent travels to the Caribbean, I understand these occurrences are common. Despite a big storm, Peter's team, led by Julio, handled it efficiently and resolved any issues promptly. Despite that, the exceptional service provided by Julio and Peter's team ensured that my overall experience remained exceptional.


It was a vacation filled with sexy babes, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr.Nights and Peter K., or should I say, Mr. Roark, to anyone seeking fun, relaxation, and a rejuvenated sense of youth.

Can’t thank enough Peter. I'll be back for a new fantasy next year.


(The Platinum Package)

Just returned from 4 unforgettable nights with Dr.Nights, and I'm still reeling from the experience—WOW! Dr.Nights exceeded my expectations. While I rarely feel compelled to write reviews after my extensive global travels, Peter and his team's exceptional service and over-delivery demand recognition. While their prices may be higher than other companies in the DR, the adage "you get what you pay for" couldn't be truer. With your own private villa, a dedicated staff of 6, stunning companions, top-shelf liquor, and gourmet meals, it's an experience that surpasses even the finest 5-star restaurants. It's an investment in an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Dr.Nights is in a league of its own, setting the standard for sex vacations. When it comes to indulgence and opulence, Dr.Nights delivers without compromise.


The excitement started as soon as I exited the POP airport. Following detailed instructions given the week prior, I was pleasantly surprised to find Peter, his driver, and an alluring lady awaiting me curbside. This meticulous attention to detail exemplified Peter's dedication to going above and beyond. With high fives, smiles all around, and cold beers in hand, we embarked on an unforgettable 4-day journey—one that has left me grinning even a week after returning home. Entire trip, Peter ensured every moment was filled with excitement and enjoyment. His commitment to excellence were evident in every aspect of the experience. From the seamless airport pickup to the warm hospitality and ice-cold beers, Peter's dedication to exceeding expectations was remarkable.


As our way to the villa, Peter had yet another surprise. We stopped to pick up another bombshell beauty, who greeted me with a warm hug and kiss. Within just 10 minutes of arriving in Puerto Plata, I found myself sitting between two jaw-dropping beauty, both beaming with smiles and lavishing me with attention as if we were long-lost lovers. They were thrilled to be there which I just loved.


I had Platinum Package for 3 nights, which promised a private super villa and the delightful company of two ladies each day and night, I was thrilled. Five minutes after picking up the another lady, we passed through the gates leading to the villa—a reassuring confirmation that everything depicted on the website was indeed as promised, safe and private. Arriving at the villa, I was blown away by the accommodations. Having heard tales of vacations in the Dominican Republic, I can confidently assert that nothing compares to the luxurious accommodations Peter arranges. The fully equipped villa boasted three bedrooms, a pool, patio, living room, fully stocked kitchen, and an exceptional staff attending to every conceivable need. Peter has assembled an outstanding team of chefs and servers, and the ladies were simply extraordinary in every way, making me feel at home and relaxed from the moment I stepped through the door. Cold beers or mixed drinks were promptly offered alongside hors d'oeuvres, marking the beginning of some truly memorable moments.


The staff at Dr.Nights truly excel in their roles. They seamlessly cater to every need, yet somehow remain inconspicuous when you don't require their assistance—a perfect balance. They possess an innate ability to anticipate your needs, ensuring that drinks are replenished and snacks are provided just when you begin to crave them. Their attention to detail is impeccable, with refreshments magically appearing just when you think they're needed. The chef, in particular, showcased his culinary prowess with outstanding dishes such as the best paella I've ever tasted and a shrimp pasta dish that was simply irresistible. From full breakfast spreads to delectable dinners, the dining experience surpassed all expectations—I couldn't have imagined it being any better. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond just the culinary delights; they create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury that enhances the entire experience you hopped for. 


Describing the greatness of these women is indeed challenging in writing alone. While they understand the nature of your visit, labeling them as mere prostitutes would be unjust—they're far more than that. Under Peter's guidance, they thrive in an environment where they can enjoy meeting foreigners, savoring excellent meals, engaging in stimulating conversations, and yes, sharing intimate moments with you—often more than you can handle! Unlike traditional setups, where women simply fulfill their "duty," these ladies genuinely relish your company, immersing themselves in every aspect of the experience. They treat you like a cherished friend, sharing drinks, meals, poolside hangouts, and unforgettable nights together. Peter has truly crafted something extraordinary. Gentlemen, remember to treat these ladies with kindness and respect—they deserve it, and the rewards will be immeasurable. Their genuine camaraderie and zest for life elevate the entire experience, making every moment truly memorable. Peter's approach fosters an environment where mutual enjoyment and connection are paramount, resulting in an unparalleled level of intimacy and satisfaction. He always kept asking if I need any further assistance or have more to add to the service, I should let him know immediately. These little gestures added more values to my experience.  


Alright, my dear gents, if everything I have mentioned wasn't already mind-blowing, brace yourselves for the evenings—they take the excitement to a whole new level! Peter orchestrates contests with the girls, and let me tell you, this one was next-level—it involved not two, but four smoking hot chicas! Throw a hundred or two into the pot to get things heated up, and you'll be rewarded with a show like no other. Trust me, nothing in the States or Canada even comes close! Now, I won't delve into all the specifics of these shows, but if you're thinking it's just a sexy strip show on steroids, that would be a massive understatement—it's way beyond that! It will blow your mind, guys. And guess what? We did the shows three nights in a row—need I say more?


When I first spoke to Peter on the phone, I immediately sensed his mastery of the situation. He's refreshingly honest and communicates with unwavering directness. Peter leaves no detail unchecked and responds to emails within minutes. He's not just smart and genuine; he's a savvy businessman with a penchant for organization and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Amidst his expertise in hospitality, Peter's personal touch shines through as he meticulously orchestrates every aspect of your trip to ensure an unforgettable experience. He goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs, treating his staff, including the ladies, with the utmost respect while maintaining his authority.

And beyond his professional demeanor, Peter's simply a great person—I'm honored to now call him a friend. Keep up the fantastic work, Peter! Peter is the absolute real deal no doubt on that. 


On my fourth night, I opted to stay at the resort since the villa was fully booked up due to my decision to extend my stay by an extra day. The resort was fine, but I chose to spend the final night with one of the lovely ladies I had enjoyed the previous three nights with. However, if you plan between the resort and the villa, I'd recommend starting with the resort first. Once you experience the villa, you'll find it hard to leave!


Gents, if you're tired of the cold rain and snow, pick up the phone and give Peter a call—you won't regret it. Respect the ladies; they're all truly wonderful women who deserve it, and you'll find it immensely rewarding. I've been trying to find out the time to go back since the day I left!


A heartfelt thank you to all the ladies, the staff, and dear Peter! Looking forward to the next visit.


Donald Hart
(The Platinum Package)


Just returned from a week at Dr.Nights, it lives up to the hype. The views? Absolutely stunning, breathtaking. The villa I stayed in had it all. The master bedroom? Spacious, air-conditioned, and boasting the most comfortable bed imaginable—I can attest that three people can sleep in it very comfortably. The walk-in closet? Massive. And the bathroom? Equally spacious, complete with a tub that comfortably accommodates three people. While the shower may be best suited for two, who's going to argue over that detail! If you've seen the facility's pictures, trust me—they're authentic and 100% accurate. My stay was nothing short of luxurious, and I can't wait to return for another unforgettable experience. Dr.Nights exceeded all my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a top-notch getaway.


I can't begin to describe the meals. My favorites were pork chops and flavorful chicken dishes. Breakfast was a delight, featuring eggs cooked to perfection—over easy or scrambled—along with crispy bacon, savory sausage, toast, pancakes, and more. Fruit plates adorned the table at every meal, ensuring you'll never go hungry. The food is outstanding in taste, also meticulously prepared to look as good as it tastes, amazing experience overall. 


Let me tell you about the mixed drinks—I indulged in gin and tonics, bloody Marys, screwdrivers, and an array of perfectly crafted Piña Coladas. The local beer was also good. The attentive staff ensured there was always a fresh cup of coffee, unless I indicated otherwise. It's this level of personalized service that truly sets Dr.Nights apart.


The employees are exceptional. They're always on hand whenever you need, ready to assist with anything. Whether it's swiftly replacing an ashtray or delivering a snack in the early afternoon, they anticipate your needs and ensure your comfort is prioritized. In the late afternoon, another thoughtful gesture—a prepared snack—would arrive, timed perfectly for our dinner later at 8 PM. Polite and attentive, they strike the perfect balance of being present when you want them and discreetly disappearing when necessary. Their dedication to making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible is evident in every interaction, and they consistently exceed expectations.


The girls are truly remarkable. Not only are they stunningly beautiful and "talented" but they also provide delightful company even beyond intimate moments. Whether by the swimming pool, in the shower, or simply lounging together and chilling, they maintain their charm for the entire 24 hours. They are simply the best part of this experience. While the degree to which they speak English may vary, communication is effortless even for those with limited language skills. They display remarkable flexibility, both in terms of communication and other aspects. Surprisingly, many of them surpass their already impressive pictures and profiles. Speaking of first impressions, being greeted at the airport by a driver, a beautiful companion, and an ice-cold beer sets the tone for a first-class vacation experience—one that turned out to be nothing short of paradise. From start to finish, every moment was filled with warmth, relaxation, and sheer indulgence, making it an unforgettable journey into pure bliss. 


It is worth mentioning that you won't encounter any unexpected hidden costs during your stay, which is very annoying for anyone. Whether it is requesting an additional girl for the night or arranging transportation from an airport other than POP, all fees are transparent and disclosed upfront. Unlike typical vacation scenarios where hidden costs tend to surface unexpectedly, there are none here—no surprises, no hidden fees, none whatsoever. It is a refreshing change from the norm and adds to the overall peace of mind and satisfaction of the experience.


I'll preface this by saying I'm not one to typically write reviews, but Dr.Nights left such a lasting impression that I felt compelled to share my experience. It's truly a special place. I already have my next visit booked with a plane ticket ready, and that's no exaggeration. This review is entirely voluntary—I'm not receiving any personal gain from it. The only regret I have is not discovering this gem sooner.
Looking to check off those bucket list items? Dr.Nights is the perfect destination. Every member of the team ensures you feel like a VIP, and the girls? Well, they have countless ways to make you feel very, very special. I think you get my drift. These young, attractive women are genuinely interested in meeting new people. They're not seeking payment or any transactional arrangement—they're simply delightful companions to spend the night—and wake up—with. Many are college students, intelligent and engaging, so treat them with the kindness they deserve—they'll certainly reciprocate it.

From your initial interaction with Peter, whether it's through communication or a phone call, he leaves no stone unturned. He provides all necessary details, addresses your inquiries, and offers transparent and honest overview of what you can expect. Throughout the entire process, he stands by your side, genuinely invested in ensuring the experience of a lifetime. And without fail, he delivers on that promise every single time.


If there's one mistake you could make, it would be not booking your trip with them. Thanks everyone at Dr.Nights for unforgettable my vacation.

The Professor
(The Gold Package)



This vacation was hands down the best I've ever had. And trust me, I've been around the block with many sex vacation resorts in Puerto Plata and Punta Cana before. When I mentioned them to Peter, he just brushed them off, saying, "Forget about them. Once you go black, you'll never go back!" We cracked up because, well, there were no black girls in sight! I kept teasing him about it the whole time, but he just shrugged it off with a "Sorry, bro, no soup for you." It was an inside joke that had us laughing non-stop. Nothing compared to this experience man; it felt like chilling with my buddy who's a master at getting the ladies to let loose. That's Peter for you, summed up in one sentence! Huge shoutout to Big P and the staff for making it all happen—absolute rock stars!

(The Platinum Package)


Where do I even begin? This vacation was an absolute blast. Peter and his crew are top-notch. Everything you see on the website, from the info to the pictures to the reviews, is absolutely accurate. I did my fair share of research on these kinds of vacations, browsing through countless places, websites, and reviews. Initially, I was skeptical, wondering if it was too good to be true. But let me tell you, it was everything and more. It was safe, insanely fun, and incredibly relaxing—a week filled with unforgettable moments alongside some of the most stunning and entertaining women you'll ever meet.

Before my trip, I had several conversations with Peter to arrange the deposit, share my preferences for food, drinks, and, of course, the ladies, and to address any queries I had. He was simply put, just fantastic—responsive, accommodating, and ensured everything was set up perfectly for my week. He even sent over pictures and videos to assist with my selection process and did everything I asked for. I felt completely at ease and confident about the trip, knowing that everything was well taken care of by Peter. He truly took the stress out of the planning process, allowing me to just show up and enjoy myself.

As arranged, Peter's chauffeur was waiting for me at the airport, and he had two stunning ladies with him. While it seems this isn't regular, it certainly made for an unforgettable arrival. The short journey to the private villa felt safe, and upon arrival, I was blown away by the luxurious accommodations. Peter knows how to make a grand entrance, setting the tone for an incredible experience right from the start.

From the moment I arrived, everything was just perfect. Peter, along with his dedicated staff including Joel, Jose, and Dominican Bruno, ensured that every aspect of my stay was top-notch. The food, prepared exactly as we discussed prior to my arrival, was nothing short of amazing and there was always plenty to go around. Drinks flowed freely throughout the day, customized to my preferences, ensuring that I never went thirsty. From morning until night, I felt like royalty, with every need attended to with care. And let's not forget about the nightly shows—depending on the package you choose, they are an absolute highlight that shouldn't be missed. As my time there came to an end, I found myself wishing it could go on forever. From sumptuous meals to endless drinks and unforgettable entertainment, Dr.Nights truly offers an experience like no other—like a paradise.

The women were truly remarkable. Their allure, vivacity, and willingness to dive into any adventure were unmatched. Whether we were lounging, chatting, or engaging in lively activities, their relaxed demeanor and adaptability made each moment unforgettable. Just like having the ultimate girlfriend experience, with plenty of laughter and excitement.

Parting ways was surprisingly difficult, not just because of the obvious reasons but also because in such a brief span of time, Peter, his group, and the girls had grown to feel like a second family. Despite my demanding schedule as a surgeon, I'm already contemplating when and for how long I can make a return visit.

When considering such a vacation, I highly recommend thorough research to ensure you're completely at ease with your choice. Dive into reading about the experience, and don't hesitate to ask questions. Once you feel informed, select your destination wisely. I must confess my bias; having been to various destinations, this one stands out as unparalleled. Peter, undoubtedly the finest concierge I've encountered, made the experience exceptional, leaving me not just with memories but also a cherished friendship.

I'll leave my details with Peter, to share them with potential adventurers at his discretion. If possible, I'm more than willing to engage in conversations to address any queries.

As I departed, the longing to return was already palpable, and it hasn't diminished since. I'm determined to revisit and meet again with Peter, his crew, and the girls, to revel in the festivities.

What an absolutely incredible week it was, spent with truly remarkable people!

I owe Peter a huge thank you!!!!


(The Gold Package)

Here's my review Peter. I’ll try to keep it short. 


Just returned from a delightful four-night platinum package. Peter graciously treated us to a free pool party. Funny thing is, I didn't even dip a toe in the pool that ! This marks my third vacation with Dr.Nights, and once again, it was precisely what the doctor ordered.

Stepping into the villa, I found myself in familiar territory, knowing exactly what to anticipate. Just a heads-up, all their villas are Airbnb properties. I stayed at Ocean Village Deluxe. It's a resort-style complex boasting a water park, multiple restaurants, and more. It can be a bit too choppy for swimming. Just have your chauffeur whisk you away to the pristine sands of Waterfront Beach for a serene experience.


This complex is quite distinct from adult resorts like Oxygen or budget all-inclusive hotels like Dr.Nights. It's nestled in a high-end gated community, boasting regular vacation homes and villas. To navigate the expansive grounds, a golf cart comes in handy. The beach is merely a five-minute jaunt away. Unlike other resorts that offer just a hotel room and a brief interaction with a companion each day, Peter's setup is unparalleled. You get an entire villa complete with a private pool, along with companions who are available around the clock—all at a fraction of the cost. It's a clear winner.


Peter's chauffeur, Robert, arrived promptly in a pristine military-green Suburban, making the pickup a breeze. Ahead of

my arrival, Peter thoughtfully shared some images of the girls, his team, the vehicle, and more, ensuring complete transparency about what lay ahead. His attention to detail is truly commendable, resulting in a thoroughly satisfying experience each time. The reservation process remains consistent: I share my flight details, place a deposit, and in return, Peter inundates me with a plethora of photos and videos via WhatsApp—perhaps not literally a thousand, but certainly enough to provide ample anticipation for the journey ahead.


Peter consistently maintains a diverse selection of 40-50 girls for clients to choose from, and he frequently introduces new additions to the lineup. Despite the website indicating 30 girls, the actual reality far exceeds this figure. However, one minor gripe I have is the infrequent updating of the website to reflect the full range of available companions. While it's a somewhat frustrating aspect, it's a testament to the vast array of options Peter offers.


Text him on WhatsApp and request to see all the girls. His selection is truly exceptional. At 52 years old, I've explored nearly every resort in the DR, and nothing has ever come close to the experience offered by Dr.Nights. Peter genuinely listens to your preferences and ensures you have an unforgettable experience there.


I was greeted by Trinity and Amber, whom I had selected. They welcomed me in bikinis, both holding refreshing piña colada, and I must say, they surpassed their already impressive photos. Peter sends what appear to be average selfies of the girls, leaving you impressed. It's a delightful "ooh la la" moment as their true beauty shines through.

Trinity stood tall and exuded a toned physique, while Amber exuded mature sensuality with her petite frame. Both were incredibly sensual, but here's a pro tip for you: always opt for one on one time with the girls. They truly shine when they have your undivided attention. This tip will change your life for sure. This has been consistent across my three trips in

Dr.Nights; the girls are at their best during private moments with you. Personally, I like to start with one-on-one time together to know them better, then cap off the night with both together for the ultimate threesome experience. Peter shared this invaluable advice during my first trip, and it has enhanced my experiences significantly.


I started with the gorgeous Trinity, and wow, what an experience! She truly is a natural, living up to her profile as a nymph. I've never encountered an SP quite like her before. 


Amber had a quieter demeanor compared to Trinity's assertiveness, but she was equally amazing in her own right. While a bit shy, she exuded sensuality and proved to be a fantastic kisser. One of the aspects I truly appreciate about Dr.Nights is that all of Peter's girls offer an GFE. In my extensive experience, it's the only resort of its kind. I've visited various places in the Dominican Republic, including Punta Cana, and even ventured to Colombia, all of which promised a GFE. However, upon arrival, many girls would simply say no. Amber and Trinity, never once say "no" to anything I asked. 


Don't waste your time and money guys. Do yourself a favor and call Peter. He will give you the vacation you deserve.

You're welcome! No worries at all. Whenever you find the time to finish the review, I am here to help you. Enjoy your next trip, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the continuation of your review!

Fredrick W.
LA, California 
(The Platinum Package)


Peter, thank you for an unforgettable vacation. From the chef's culinary delights to the incredible girls who took by breath away, it truly exceeded all expectations. And let's not forget about the villa—it was simply beautiful. 

I can ramble all day long…

I thoroughly enjoyed skinny dipping in the pool with all the ladies. Thank you for the free upgrade and your exceptional service. Your girls are undeniably the best-looking in the Dominican Republic. I can honestly say now, that was the best sex I ever had in my life.


My first ever threesome experience, let alone with two nymphomaniacs. 5 stars.


Richard L.
(The Gold Package)


Dr.Nights is hands down the most professional company I have ever encountered in the Dominican Republic. They surpass the competition by leaps and bounds. Having explored numerous resorts in the Dominican Republic, I can confidently say that if you're seeking a true VIP experience paired with the most stunning girls, Dr.Nights is the ultimate choice.


Their success lies in their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and their relentless pursuit of perfection. From the exquisite girls to the attentive staff, the luxurious villas, and the meticulously planned activities, dining, and entertainment, everything was flawlessly executed.


Super VIP Package at one of their private villas was a decision I'll never regret. The attention to detail was impeccable—every time an ash fell from my cigar, it was promptly attended to. Peter even made sure to stock my preferred Cuban cigars, personally bringing them from Canada to guarantee authenticity. From ensuring drinks remained chilled to perfection, to maintaining the ideal temperature for beers and food, everything was flawlessly executed. The staff's attentiveness never waned, and the girls were not only eager to please but also passionate and engaging—rarely seen glued to their cell phones like in other establishments I've stayed at. Under Peter's leadership, everyone operated like a well-oiled machine, with him ensuring every aspect was meticulously organized. He even went above and beyond by arranging for a DJ at my pool party, which turned out to be an unforgettable affair. Picture it: five gorgeous girls, drinks flowing, dancing, and vying for your affection in their bikinis. I'll leave it at that—truly an experience beyond compare.

I highly recommend Dr.Nights for individuals seeking a luxurious and flawless adult vacation, especially for private groups. All I kept thinking is if my friends could see me now and enjoy.

Peter, count on my return, and I'll be bringing the guys along. I've already informed them: our Vegas trips are canceled.

Best Regards,
Jaiden. Buffalo, NY
(The Super VIP Package)



Big shoutout to Dr.Nights in the Dominican Republic! Their service is top-notch. (


Just returned from a 5-night VIP stay with Dr.Nights, and I couldn't be more impressed. From the initial inquiry about availability to a follow-up call from Peter two days after my return, their professionalism and dedication to ensuring my complete satisfaction were evident. I'll definitely be returning for another round.


The company is spearheaded by Peter, a former Toronto radio personality turned entrepreneur dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences in the beautiful DR, complete with its stunning scenery and captivating companions.

The private villa Peter provided was absolutely stunning, with impeccable décor and a dedicated staff including a chef, butler, guide, and maids, not to mention the luxurious private swimming pool. It was the just the perfect setting to unwind and recharge from the stresses of daily life. But what truly made the experience magical were the three most beautiful senoritas who accompanied me around the clock. They made me feel like a cherished lover, showing affection and even playfully competing for my attention while understanding the non-exclusive nature of our arrangement. It was a delightful surprise to discover that a king sized bed could comfortably accommodate all four of us. Without divulging too many details, let's just say that their enthusiasm, energy, and stamina made every moment truly unforgettable.

Tip: treat both the staff and the chicas with respect, and you'll be amazed at the level of hospitality you receive in return. Also, bring some cash, around $100 a night, to kickstart the party each evening. The contests really liven things up and the girls appreciate it, returning the investment in spades. Peter offers various packages and can even customize them further to suit your preferences—mine initially started with two gals, but once I arrived...

A thank you to each:


Rossie – such a sweet heart and great kisser
Lizzy – watch out for this one as she may well be running the place but can she move and shake
Monica – has the moves and alone is like having a tiger in bed

Paul – best guide in the area and knows all the ways of the DR
Jessy – professional chef and while I didn’t get to see him too often, my appetite did
Noel – I am sure you got a kick out of being my butler, easy job and a great mixologist
And finally,  big shoutout to Peter, my fellow Canuck. Thanks for making this unforgettable experience possible and for accommodating my quieter nature throughout.



(The VIP Package)


What’s Up Peter!!!


I'm deeply grateful for the incredible vacation/birthday weekend you gave me. It was beyond amazing and made me feel both safe and like part of an amazing family. Your hospitality meant the world to me. Thank you!

Thanks for this unforgettable experience! I've already got two more recruits lined up for our next adventure in the DR. This was just the beginning of many epic trips to come.



(The Executive Package)


My trip with Dr.Nights was just what I needed. The villa experience was top-notch, especially with Peter's complimentary upgrade to a Super Villa. Opting for the Super VIP package with five girls was definitely the right choice. From golfing to deep sea fishing and zip-lining adventures, every moment was thrilling. The butler's kindness was unmatched, and the chef's culinary skills were straight out of a magazine. The foods were like straight from haven. Now, let me introduce you to Mila, Rachel, Cary, Rossy, and Tokyo. Mila's allure could rival that of any Vegas dancer. Rachel had a sweet, girl-next-door charm that I found irresistible. Cary brought excitement, humor, and a lot of talent to the table. As for Tokyo, well, let's just say she left me speechless in the bedroom. And Cary? She was simply stunning and dreamy. These ladies were not only beautiful but incredibly attentive to all my needs and wishes. They always put me first, showered me with affection, and made every moment unforgettable. It felt like they wanted to be there with me just as much as I wanted to be with them. One of the highlights of the trip was our shopping spree. I insisted they could have anything they wanted, much to Peter's surprise. Seeing their excitement as they dashed through stores, kissing me with each purchase, was priceless. And let's not forget the lingerie they picked out to model for me—it was a hilarious and unforgettable experience. I had the best time ever. I am only thinking about when I will again have an escape from my monotonous life and go there. Every day was an adventure with these girls. I truly felt like they wanted to be there with me as much I wanted to be there with them. I don't know how he does it but he has the best girls. Sweet, sincere and sexy. I took them shopping, told them they could have anything they wanted.

Initially, I hesitated to book this vacation. As an American heading to a foreign country with a pocket full of cash, I felt uncertain and out of my element. However, my host Peter quickly alleviated my concerns. He took the time to explain every detail over the phone before my arrival and even greeted me at the gate with cold beers, security, and an entertaining animation staff that kept me laughing throughout my stay. From the moment I booked my flight until the moment I departed, Peter's professionalism and hospitality made me feel completely at ease. I can't recommend Dr.Nights enough. If you're considering a classy adult vacation, look no further—just be sure to reach out to Peter. He'll handle everything with care and expertise.

(The Super VIP Package)


Choosing Dr.Nights was an excellent decision. The girls were gorgeous and genuinely interested in me. My room at The Erotic Resort was stunning, and I particularly appreciated the privacy. It allowed for a sense of freedom and intimacy that made my experience more enjoyable. And yes, I definitely had some fun in the pool!

Peter truly went above and beyond. His professionalism and dedication to ensuring every detail was just right made all the difference. In summary, this was hands down the most incredible and awesome vacation I've ever had.



Thanks Peter,
(The Resort Package)


What an absolutely flawless vacation it was! From the stunning girls to the luxurious villa and pristine beaches, every aspect was just perfect. The chef's culinary skills were outstanding. The personalized touch, like the conference call before our arrival, ensuring there were no surprises or hidden fees—just pure perfection. Peter, your intuition and expertise truly shine through in creating such unforgettable experiences. It's evident that you're meant for this role. David and Jane are already planning their return, eager for another round with two girls. As for me, one is just fine—I want Monica! I'm currently in the process of trying to secure time off work, although it's proving to be a bit of a challenge. How busy are you after Christmas day? Thank you for orchestrating a vacation that was nothing short of perfection. :-))



(The Executive Package)


During my time in the Dominican Republic, I reached out to Dr.Nights and requested an outcall to Punta Cana. To my surprise, they drove for five and a half hours to deliver two stunning girls right to my doorstep. Only costed $600 in total. What a steal. Their presence for two days made my vacation truly memorable. I can't recommend Dr.Nights enough—they deliver girls to your front door just like pizza!



(The Executive Package)




My first ever erotic vacation in the Dominican Republic was an unforgettable experience, and I'm so glad I chose the right place and companions. The overall experience was simply amazing, and the variety and quality of girls available were beyond impressive. Peter exceeded all my expectations, ensuring my days were filled with excitement and safety, and my nights were filled with unforgettable moments. With endless options, the only challenge was deciding among the incredible selection of girls once I arrived.



(The Villa Package)




Wow, where do I even begin? Dr.Nights, you're simply the epitome of extravagance and indulgence! Forget the 10 stunning hot babes waiting for me upon arrival, the epic pool party, the mouthwatering steak and lobster, and the top-shelf Scotch and Dom Pérignon—let's cut to the chase: the sex was absolutely mind-blowing and beyond! Seven girls in one day? Boom! Your name truly says it all. And guess what? After my horrible divorce, I'm coming back for an epic divorce party, and you better believe it's going to be off the charts! Mind blowing experience of a lifetime!!!!!


(The Bucket List Package)



Stepping off the flight, I was greeted by a sleek BMW X5—a classy touch after a long journey. While initially surprised by the absence of girls upon pickup, the two guys who greeted me were fantastic and reassured me that the ladies awaited at the Villa. Opting for their top-tier VIP Package, promising three girls per day, 24/7, I knew I was in for an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. As we headed to the Villa, enjoying a cold beer and sharing laughs with my babes, I could sense this trip was going to be one hell of a ride. One of the best decisions of my life. The anticipation only grew as we neared our destination, and I couldn't wait to see what awaited me at the Villa. With each passing mile, excitement bubbled within me, eager to dive into the ultimate experience Dr.Nights had in store.


As we arrived at the Villa 15 minutes later, I couldn't shake the feeling of entering a fortress, complete with armed guards stationed at the imposing gates—a stark reminder of the security measures prevalent in the Dominican Republic. Despite the initial intimidation, the sight that unfolded before me was nothing short of breathtaking. Perched atop a mountain in Puerto Plata, the "Tony Montana Villa" offered panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea that seemed to stretch to the horizon. It was a scene straight out of a movie, reminiscent of the opulent hideouts of infamous figures like Pablo Escobar.


Stepping onto the grounds, I was enveloped by a sense of grandeur and anticipation. The air was thick with the promise of an unforgettable experience. As I made my way to the entrance, the sight that greeted me took my breath away. Three stunning girls stood before me, their beauty surpassing anything I had ever seen. It was as if they had been plucked from the realms of fantasy and brought to life before my very eyes. Their presence was mesmerizing, their allure undeniable. These were not just ordinary women—they were so goddesses incarnate, radiating an aura of elegance and sensuality that left me spellbound. It was a moment of sheer disbelief; I had to pinch myself to ensure I wasn't dreaming. None of the girls I had requested were there (okay, maybe only two of them, if I'm being honest), but it didn't matter. 


Let me tell you, these guys at Dr.Nights are in a league of their own. They're not your typical adult vacation company—they don't run a resort or an escort vacation property. Instead, they offer something exclusive: private accommodations in luxurious villas. During my stay, I found myself in a sprawling 5-bedroom villa all to myself—it was like having my own million-dollar estate in the Dominican Republic. In the past, I'd stayed at resorts with other guests, but after a particularly unpleasant incident involving a drunk and disorderly individual, I'd had enough. That was the tipping point for me. That's when I decided to give Dr.Nights a try, drawn in by their more personalized approach. You see, I'd always been aware that the girls at these so-called "sex resorts" were often prostitutes or escorts. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Dr.Nights was able to provide 'normal' girls who were willing to fulfill my every desire. It was a game-changer, and it completely shattered my preconceptions about what an adult vacation could be.

It's true, Dr.Nights offers a unique experience with their girls who are essentially normal Dominican women seeking a sugar daddy. That's the pitch they use: come party in luxury and potentially meet the man of your dreams. Interestingly, they don't pay their girls. Instead, these women come from various parts of the island to compete for the chance to find a long-term partner. Peter and his partners, all married to Dominican women themselves, have been facilitating these connections for years. In fact, their previous business model focused on introducing clients to potential wives or girlfriends from the DR, with many ending up marrying them or maintaining relationships. Now, they've shifted their focus slightly, marketing this as a 'sex vacation' while essentially operating as a dating vacation. My experience felt akin to being on the TV show The Bachelor—fun, exhilarating, and filled with connections that went beyond physical intimacy. Despite the enjoyable aspects, my interactions with the girls were meaningful, filled with kissing, hand-holding, and genuine affection. It was clear that these women were not just there for a fling; they sought genuine connections. Each day felt like I was with a girlfriend, with every encounter as passionate as the last. It was an incredible and unexpectedly emotional journey. Don't get me wrong, I had tons and tons of sex with each and every girl and in every position imaginable but my connections with the girls went deeper than anything I had ever expected. It was an incredible and unexpectedly emotional journey. I left with memories that will stay with me forever, and a newfound appreciation for the depth of human connection amidst such a unique setting. Like vacation that blurred the lines between fantasy and reality.

Having explored countless resorts and vacation providers across the Dominican Republic, I can confidently say that nothing comes close to the experience offered by Dr.Nights. It's an adult vacation on a whole different level. While jokingly contemplating the possibility of replicating their model in the US, I realized the unmatched guarantee they provide: intimacy, dancing, and genuine efforts to please are all assured. And let me tell you, their girls are truly out of this world. Initially planning a short stay, I ended up extending it simply because I couldn't bear to part ways with some of the girls. The best part? Dr.Nights offered me a super rate, always ensuring fairness and transparency. Despite their rates being higher than others, it's worth every penny. With a massive villa to myself, complete with a host, chauffeur, maid, translator, butler, and personal chef who spoke English, plus security guards ensuring safety, I lived in sheer luxury. From indulging in steaks and Grey Goose to enjoying rounds of golf and deep-sea fishing, all included in the package, the experience was truly unparalleled. If you're considering an erotic vacation or seeking companionship in the DR, look no further than Dr.Nights. The only thing missing? A rose ceremony. Until next time, guys. :) I left with memories that will stay with me forever, and a newfound appreciation for the depth of human connection amidst such a unique setting. In a world where superficial encounters often dominate, Dr.Nights offers a refreshing alternative—a chance to experience true connection in a luxurious setting. Beyond the lavish amenities and thrilling activities, what truly sets Dr.Nights apart is the genuine connections forged with the sweetest and beautiful girls. 


(The VIP Package)

Meeting Peter at the Wynn in Vegas and hearing about Dr.Nights initially sounded too good to be true—I mean, come on, an sex resort? Then I saw his wife, she was the epitome of sexiness. I knew then that I had to give Dr.Nights a shot. The D


Dominican Republic's reputation for stunning women is no joke, especially if you're into tanned beauties like myself. There's something in the water down there, I swear, because these girls are like the energizer bunny on steroids. They're hot, they're sexy, loves to fuck a lot and they just keep going and going. It's a whole different level of excitement, and I was ready to dive right in.


My vacation was simply just amazing! Stunning girls, beautiful beaches, great golf, and a $1000 win at the casino—now that's a vacation!



Playboy Paul from Vegas
(The Platinum Package)

I simply enjoyed my stay at the Erotic Vacations Resort—it was lovely, even though I think I only made it to the pool once (and didn't even hit the beach). The bed was comfortable, and with cable TV and WiFi, I had everything I needed right in my room. Your girls are elegant, extravagant, and a blast to be around. I'll definitely be back every other month for the rest of my life—though I might need a month off in between to recuperate from all the fun! Haha.




(The Resort Package)



The villa I stayed at in the Dominican Republic was truly exceptional. My room was fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious stay. I definitely plan on returning myself. Opting for the Super Saver Package, which included one girl per day for just $950, was a great decision. If anything, my only problem was having too many options to choose from! Being a ladies' man, I thoroughly enjoyed the abundance of women. The girl-to-guy ratio was off the charts—10 to 1! It's even better than what I've experienced in Cuba. I've definitely found my new favorite spot.

I had an absolutely epic time with Dr.Nights. You guys completely exceeded my expectations and beyond. The amazing girlfriend experience you provide is simply unbelievable. People still don't believe me when I tell them about it. 



Da Haoran
(The Villa Package)



I had an absolutely AMAZING vacation! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I can't stop thinking about all the wonderful moments. I'm starting to plan my next visit, and once I have a date set, I'll reach out to you again. As promised, here’s a review of my incredible experience:


I had been interested in taking a vacation to the Dominican Republic for quite some time. After reviewing many options, I decided on Dr.Nights, and I can tell you I was NOT disappointed. From the very beginning, Peter was the most professional, informative, and detail-oriented person you could ever hope for. Everything, and I mean each and  everything, was just as advertised on the site. I chose a 5 night stay in one of his Super VIP Villas. The villa was spectacular in every way possible, from the pristine accommodations to the staff (chef, maids, butlers, etc.). The food was awesome and even better than you would get in a 5-star hotel. Peter saw to my every need: my preferred type of liquor, my preferences for food, and the beautiful ladies. He essentially planned my vacation before I arrived.


My first day kicked off with a Las Vegas-style pool party, complete with hors d'oeuvres, every drink imaginable, and the company of the five most amazing and gorgeous girls! We all made our way into the infinity pool at the super villa, where the girls started dancing to the music, and we had an all-out love fest. The girls were super energetic and so much entertaining. At times, I was surrounded by three beautiful girls in the swimming pool, with their hands, arms, and lips all over my body. Making me feel all sorts of things. It was a wild dream come true! These girls are top-notch and not escorts—they are classy, compassionate, and caring. After a 5-star dinner, the real fun began. The girls changed into some very sexy outfits and proceeded to dance and engage in activities that I'll leave to your imagination! Make sure to bring some extra money for the competitions Peter has in store for you. They are out of this world and will BLOW your mind, if you know what I mean!


If I am being honest, it was something beyond my wildest dreams, but it happened for real! Throughout the afternoon and into the early evening, I spent individual time with each girl in my super king bedroom. I was not disappointed. These girls are amazing lovers, with a strong desire to please you, and boy, did they deliver! I decided to have two of the girls share my bed with me that night, and it was absolutely amazing.


The next day, I decided to have it down to only four girls. The second night featured another competition of dancing and other adult activities that I'll leave to your imagination. It was mind-BLOWING!


After the first 2 days of non-stop partying and erotic encounters with the beautiful ladies I knew I didn't have the stamina to take care of 3 ladies 24/7, so I decided to go a little more relaxed and picked one beautiful girl to spend my last 3 days in a more intimate setting.


I strongly recommend a Super VIP Villa experience. You are attended to like royalty. Anything you ask for, you shall receive! In short, the food, the accommodations, the service, and of course, the ladies were beyond my wildest expectations. I could go on and on about the service, but trust me, Peter delivers all that is promised and more! Dr.Nights will take care of you like you've never been taken care of before. I'll be making a return trip very soon.


Thank you again Peter, for the experience of a lifetime!!!



Mitchel J. 
(The VIP Package - plus a Vegas Style Pool Party)




Are you considering Dr.Nights for the most amazing sex vacation ever? If you're reading this, you're doing your homework to decide if this vacation is right for you. I was initially skeptical too; I viewed the website, scrutinized the pictures, read all the reviews, and sent Peter numerous emails with various questions. Let me assure you, this review is legit, and Dr.Nights is the real deal. What you see and read on the website is accurate and not misleading. Dr.Nights Vacations delivers exactly what they advertise. The ladies are incredible, the food is phenomenal, and the customer service is truly 5-star quality! From my experience, it's a vacation you won't regret. 


Let's start with the customer service. I know, you're probably here for the ladies, right? But hear me out – customer service is just as important. Consider this: organizing a personal chef, host, and waiter for your vacation in the Dominican Republic is not a very easy matter. Dr.Nights sex vacation team goes above and beyond in customer service. Sure, getting beautiful ladies to join you is part of the real girlfriend experience, but there's so much more to the Dr.Nights vacation experience. The real challenge of this vacation is knowing you have a support team to tend to ALL of your needs. Need fresh fruit for your meals? Done. Pork or chicken prepared just the way you like it? Consider it sorted. Fresh vegetables? Not a problem for Dr.Nights. I wanted plenty of fresh water during the day and whiskey/beer at night. No problem.


Dr.Nights Vacations delivered with top-notch customer service. The team Peter has assembled is ready and willing to make your vacation a 5-star experience! I strongly recommend to anyone seeking a good time in the DR. 
Let's talk about the food. In Dominican Republic, you might wonder what you'll eat and if the meals will be of good quality. Dr.Nights Vacations has got you covered. Prior to my arrival, I discussed my meal preferences with Peter, and


Dr.Nights Vacations delivered everything I asked for. You simply must try the chicken fajitas and ask Peter to whip up his own personal pico de gallo at some point—it's a culinary delight! Picture this: a breakfast custom-prepared to your preferences. For me, it was fresh fruit with grilled pork chops topped off with scrambled eggs—absolutely delicious! Lunch? Well, that's up to you! I opted for a grilled sandwich, but not just any sandwich—it was custom-made for my taste buds. And as for dinner? That's entirely your call! You're the director of your vacation, so you decide what's on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One evening, I savored BBQ chicken—a bold move considering I'm from Texas, where BBQ is a big deal. But Dr.Nights Vacations cooked up BBQ chicken in the Dominican Republic, and let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious! My advice? Have a chat with Peter and customize your meals exactly the way YOU want them!

And, the ladies. Wow! The pictures are spot on! These ladies are absolutely stunning! Yes, they'll make love to you and party with you! The contests they host are incredible—I won't delve into specifics, but trust me, you won't be disappointed! Be sure to bring an extra $100 per night for the contests; it's well worth it. These ladies aren't escorts; they're women in the DR hoping to meet a distinguished gentleman. Are you that distinguished gentleman these ladies want to meet and be with? Book a vacation and find out for yourself. I have nothing to gain or lose by stating in this review that the women Dr.Nights Vacations delivers to you are everything beyond you see in their pictures and profile bios. At the very least, join the VIP club and review the videos and pictures that Dr.Nights Vacations has developed for these beautiful Dominican women!


In closing, I want to assure you: don't worry about any potential language barriers in the DR, safety concerns, or security challenges during your Dr. Nights Vacation in the Dominican Republic. Everything has been carefully planned, and your Dr. Nights Vacation experience will be safe, secure, and discreet. This isn't a fake review; it's a genuine account from a Texas country boy who booked a vacation to the DR with Dr. Nights Vacations. I wasn't disappointed, and I plan to return soon. If you're still skeptical, I recommend booking a 3-night stay and checking it out for yourself. Once you're here, you'll be thinking about booking a week-long vacation next time around. Enjoy your Dr. Nights Vacation experience, and remember that YOU are the director of your vacation, so dream big and enjoy it all!
From bottom of the heart of Texas in the USA - Cameron H. 
(The Gold Package)


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